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Our Story Behind the Festival.

Back in 2016 the ideal of host a Music Festival came about by some of our family members. As we started to look at everything it took to put a Country Music Festival together we decided we would hold off for a year and learn from other events in our area. In December of 2017 we all sat down and talked about the ideal again to see if we were ready. While we talked we knew two thing that was definitely going to happen if we decided to go through. 

1. We were going to support a nonprofit organization here in Cullman. This year we chose to support Saving Forgotten Warriors. Saving Forgotten Warriors is very near and dear to our heart and we think y’all would love them as well. You can learn more about them and the stuff they do on their Facebook page @savingforgottenwarriors. 

2. We wanted to make this event a family and kid friendly event. That way the entire family could come and enjoy there day. So we tried our best to make it as family oriented as possible. With our Kids Zone being completely free, having a Corn Hole Tournament for the adults, and Tickets only being $15. We believe that we have done a pretty good job for a first year event. 

So as 2017 rolled around we decided it was a go. We put all our focus into looking for the best group we could get at the lower end of the deal to keep ticket prices low. While also looking for a venue on Smith Lake. We decided Smith Lake Park in Cullman, Al would be the best place. Not only is the park a big venue but there’s over 200 different camps site with 9 of them being Cabins. We then had to pitch our ideal Smith Lake Park to get approval. It took a little convincing, but we got them to jump on boat with us and they started paddling towards the finish line. After we picked location we then had to pick dates. We chose September 29 first because kids would be back in school and would need a nice event to get them away from the everyday life; something for them to get their minds off of school work. Plus it would be a little cooler towards the end of the September. Once we had the date and location set we knew we were full swing Festival. It’s been a long crazy year for our family planning such big event in our eyes, but we do believe we have done a great job and we are looking towards the ideal of bigger events to come. So let’s make Smith Lake Country Music Festival 2018 a good event. #SmithLakeCountryMusicFestival2018

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